L World

L World
An Erotic Lesbian Romance

Friday, March 30, 2012


I am happy to report that in the same 24 hour window, two fantastic reviews of L World dropped. Good thing the weekend is almost here because I'm ready to celebrate!!

CherryGrrl.com, the lesbian entertainment and news website, had this to say:

Blake’s struggle to come out is one of the most realistic and heart-wrenching issues in L World. Taryn Rose found the perfect way to blend fear, love, and family into one of the most powerful scenes I’ve read in a long time. The relationship between these two women, the obstacles they must overcome throughout the book, and the internal battles both women face are all so real and so sincere. While there were a few times I found myself comparing characters or scenes to those in “The L Word,” the story Taryn Rose tells in L World goes beyond anything Ilene Chaiken could create.

To be compared to Ilene Chaiken, my hero and creator of The L Word, is quite an honor!


Review Blogger Sarah Intidam writes:

Ms. Rose's writing style is hip and fun that keeps a reader interested.

"L" World is a very emotional coming out story with tons of delicious sex. Naughty sex scenes that leave you breathless.

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