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Friday, June 20, 2014

Why do lawyers make excellent romance novelists?

Intelligence, imagination and a steady work ethic are all important qualities to have whether you are practicing law or writing romance. Not to mention great skills when it comes to sex and romance. In law school and in the practice of law, lawyers are trained to reason by analogy and to generate lengthy, well-reasoned documents. If litigation is your specialty, a strong and persuasive narrative is always a must as well. With years entrenched in such a background, transitioning into romance writing is not only smooth, but fun too!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Legally Romantic

I've been binging on Romance lately. 

Romance novels, that is. 

This always happens. 

The minute I finish writing a book, that feeling comes back. The gagging one that consumes me, reminding me I've been deprived of the other kind of oxygen and need to pick up every book I've wanted to read but couldn't over the last few months. Whether it was because I was pressed for time, burning the candle at both ends, or busy trying to balance writing and running the rest of my life. Or, if I'm going to be honest with myself, because I limited my reading to non-fiction so as not to affect, influence or (God forbid!) pollute the voice of my current WIP (that's biz talk for work-in-progress). Since my latest novella takes place in a law firm setting, I mostly sought out legal based thrillers and romances--and have been thrilled with what I found. 

I discovered a gem of an author, Julie James  (more on her books in my next post after I finished reading the four that I started). Then I re-read "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffin, because I love her upbeat writing style and the romance that unfolds is between two people who happened to have met and fell in love in law school. *Swoon* Ahhhhhhh to be a young law student again...

All in all it's a party of one around here and I wouldn't have it any other way. A girl's gotsta decompress after completing an emotionally-charged romance between fiery lawyers. Well, except to allow time for some real-life romance to come into the room, perhaps in the form of my lawyer husband...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Blood and Lust, Baby!

Hello all!

Happy almost Halloween! Guess what dropped in time for the Holidays? My latest novella, and it's a bloody, hot paranormal thriller. BLOOD AND LUST, my lesbian vampire tryst, was just let out the gate by Riverdale Avenue Books and I couldn't be prouder of my new baby - - even if she's got fangs and a thirst for blood. I love all my babies. This novella (distinguished from a novel by its length - - crisp and tight at 20,000 words) is a particular thrill for me, because it marks my departure from contemporary realism into the world of fantasy and vampires. And let's not forget vampire romps. Ooh, those hot lesbian vampires and the ladies who can't get enough. I hope you'll check out  Blood and Lust and let me know what you think. Once it's got a hold on you, it won't let you go. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Here is the blurb!

The eyes of a rising Broadway starlet are opened to a world she never knew existed, and a passion she never knew burned inside her…

After an opening night party, Emma Jones naively accepts a ride home from her lecherous producer and finds herself in a desperate struggle. But when a beautiful, mysterious stranger rescues her, Emma realizes that the real danger may have just begun.

Her savior, Skarlet, is an agent of the Vampire Commission, a secret organization with an intense interest in Emma - - or more specifically, her blood. Skarlet’s mission is clear: deliver Emma into the clutches of the Commission. But as they near their destination, Skarlet cannot deny the intense attraction she feels toward her breath-taking captive. Emma is drawn to her magnetic heroine as well and a fateful decision sets the two on a path of extreme danger and forbidden love. As the Commission closes in, a startling discovery raises the stakes and both women must choose - - between all they’ve ever known and a passion they’ve never known before.

Click on Amazon to purchase now!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A friend sent this to me. Looks like HuffPost Gay and I were on the same page at the same time. Rad!

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Gay Woman Struggles to Get Off on Porn Made for Straight Men

Today, I watched an eight minute clip of a beautiful, naked woman pleasuring herself (well, ostensibly). I chose this particular clip, among others, because I thought it would help me choreograph a scene in my current WIP.

As soon as I clicked "play", my mind went into high-gear and I was powerless to put my hand down--from chronicling my character's thoughts.

I channeled "Skarlet". I thought about how she wouldn't be able to help noticing how elegant the porn lady’s hands were. How nicely expensive jewelry would rest on those naked, busy, attention-grabbing fingers. Then "Skarlet" was drawn in by her lips, which were naturally full and supple, and she imagined how her kiss would feel on her lips--all the while relieved that she wasn't wearing sticky gloss or heavy eye shadow like the porn ladies usually do. Her breasts had clearly been robustly surgically enhanced, but Skarlet chose to ignore their fakeness and scanned her nipples, which were hued pink and perfectly shaped, with an attractive amount of areola.

So there was Skar, completely picking this woman apart and revving up for her big O at the same time. Despite the judgment she kept passing, she couldn't help but enjoy the show. She decided that she liked what she saw. Well, that's not entirely accurate. Her body decided for her. And she was okay with that. She is a gay woman, after all. And this is how a gay woman watches porn made for straight men, especially when it's the only porn she can get her hands on.

The woman's acting was eh. Did she seem like she was actually getting off? Not really. She kept making these open-mouthed squinty-eyed expressions that were so obviously forced. And Skarlet cringed when she turned her lusty gaze into the camera. Such opposite sex pandering! But she willingly suspended her disbelief of the porn lady and chose instead to focus on her bare, heaving D's when her facial posturing became too condescending to bear. Skarlet wondered if the lady would care if she knew that a woman was watching her. Scrutinizing and judging her every gesture in the way only a woman can...while getting off to her at the same time. Would an awareness of a female audience move her to dig deeper and find a truer performance?

Skarlet's brain kept going, even though her body was all, "She's hot. She's fucking hot." But why is this stunning woman doing porn in the first place? Is she running away from something?

The lady continued moving those fingers. Poetry. Adeptness. Until…no no no don't put them in your mouth! Skarlet averts her eyes. She avoids more eye contact through the camera during the moronic finger-to-mouth pushes. She tunes back in just in time to watch her move the saliva-laden fingers back down to her vag, using them to glisten herself and enhance her delight (once again, ostensibly). Skarlet rolls her eyes. Women NEVER do that when they're alone!

We don’t put our fingers in our mouth during sex OR masturbation, and we don't rub saliva onto our clitorises! Skarlet announces this inside my head as if a gang of cheerer-onners had arrived to support this view. Skarlet continues watching the lady's magnificent body writhe, and she's getting close...The woman pushes her breasts in real close to the camera and Skarlet has to laugh at herself as she enjoys the illusion that her face is right underneath. She smiles and blushes. Not bad, Mr. Porno Man.

She hits the big O. I shut down my laptop. Skarlet marvels at how shallow she can be. How she's just like a guy. "I got off to this! Shame on me. I’m just like a man!" Well, except for those moments when she's completely not.

Men, are your minds this active when you watch porn?

We're pretty sure we already know the answer.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

LOVE this super-cute commercial. Makes me want to drive a KIA, like, NOW :-)

Have a great night!