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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sluts vs. Whores: The Case For Sluts

The terms are often used interchangeably. But what makes a slut different than a whore, really? Because there is a difference. The quick and dirty answer is that sluts enjoy sex for recreation and whores do it to pay the bills. Even Rush Limbaugh appreciated that when he called Sandra Fluke a slut for having a sex life so active as to necessitate a substantial contraceptive budget, and a prostitute (or, whore) for expecting the taxpayer to cover the cost, in essence, paying her to have sex. The conflation of insurance coverage with paying prostitutes to have sex was absurd, but you get the point.

Even though sluts and whores come in all genders, I’ll use the feminine form for this post.

Sluts are beautiful people. Truly the kindest among us. Sluts love sex and have no hang ups about giving you some if you ask nicely. Sluts enjoy being sexual with lots of people in their lives because sex is fun. It’s that simple for a slut. If a slut finds you attractive, you have a good chance at turning your relationship into a sexual one. If you feel sad, your slutty friend may even give you sex as a pick me up. A slut wouldn’t dream of making you dish out big bucks on fancy dinners or hotels in the hopes of getting laid.

That’s something a whore would do.

Whores are on a mission. 

A whore has sex with the expectation of getting something in return. It could be anything. Even sex. If a whore gives you oral sex, she expects hers in return. And you better deliver or you’re out. For sluts, the excitement is in the act itself.

So why do sluts get a bad rap? People label slut behavior as promiscuous (such an icky word) and don’t take sluts seriously when looking for a monogamous relationship. Why not? Because she’s "slept with everyone" is a common answer, and that’s a turn off to the insecure folks. But what if said slut is disease-free? Isn’t that the new sexy?

In closing, sluts are awesome. Where would we be as a society without them? Let’s face it, at least half of us would stay virgins into our thirties if it weren’t for the sluts who introduce us to our own sex appeal. Sluts empower ordinary people. They are nothing like whores. Thank heavens for sluts.

By the way, have you ever noticed that sluts smile a lot? Whores don’t.

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