L World

L World
An Erotic Lesbian Romance

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I will admit that I was a tad tipsy during my Queer Adventure NYC (see first blog post). And during the least sober part of my night, I began texting my book cover to everyone I met. I know, hello? Business card?

It really was a great night. The music was hot and I was getting my dance on like a wild child. Let's not forget I had been holed up writing L World for many weeks and this was my first night out in a while. Mostly, I was acting silly and having a good time. I did manage to make a couple of friends. But I can't remember everyone I texted.

So here I am, back to writing in solitude when my phone signals a text. I pick it up. It's from a random Brooklyn area coded number and reads, "I just pleasured myself to L World. HOT". I was so excited, my first impulse was to call my mom and tell her about it! Then, I realized....yeah, you pretty much guessed it. So I called my good friend Amy. She was like, "What's wrong with you? Why are you giving out your number?" And I'm all, "That's not the point!"

Well, the point is that it's such a thrill to hear from readers. And I really am happy to know about your sex life, even if it's solo. Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with solo. There’s two O’s in solo, honey.

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