L World

L World
An Erotic Lesbian Romance

Friday, February 17, 2012

L Excerpt

In the following excerpt from L World, a disgruntled ex just socked our main heroine, Blake, a good one. She and Janie are in the ladies room afterwards:

     “I thought you were breaking up with her,” Blake said, icing her cheek.
    “She was supposed to come to my apartment today. She never showed. I'm so sorr—” 
     “I need to go home and prepare for my deposition tomorrow.” Blake started to brush past Janie. This whole scene—L World, she decided—was not for her. It didn’t fit in with the rest of her life and now she would have to show up at work in a suit with a black eye.
     Janie stopped her and stroked her arm. “Please let me take care of you tonight,” she whispered in Blake’s ear.
     Blake’s body refused to move and she froze. She felt Janie’s warm breath against her neck and lost her determination to take off alone. “I don’t know what it is about you, Janie. You’re like a magnetic force.” 
     Janie put her hand on Blake’s and removed the ice pack, replacing it with her lips. She made a trail of kisses down the cold bruising. The sweet dabs of Janie’s lips had a calming effect on Blake, and she inched her body closer to Janie’s bosom until they embraced.
     “Take me home,” Blake said, feeling vulnerable. Janie smiled and put her arm around Blake, squeezing her body into hers as they left the ladies’ room. 
     Blake still couldn’t believe that she commanded that smile from Janie, a woman whose smile alone could persuade a thousand men to go the supermarket at midnight. Being on the receiving end of a beautiful woman’s affection felt unreal—amazing.    
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