L World

L World
An Erotic Lesbian Romance

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Taryn's Queer Adventure

I recently became a published author of lesbian romance. My novel, L World, was released by Ravenous Romance two weeks ago. The title is (obviously) a play on "The L Word", and it refers to a Greenwich Village bar and club where six lesbian friends experience love and a whole lot of drama.

I decided, 

what better way to celebrate my release than to hit an all-girls night at a hot NYC venue and spread the word? And it turned out, I was right. But what does a square-slash-sexy lawyer-slash-author wear to such an event? I settled on a pair of Gap skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a temporary tribal arm band tattoo. I'll blend in, right?

I walked in.

To my right was an adorable, androgynous-looking DJ working her digital turntable. To my left was an attractive young woman with some eye-popping tattoos, who was eyeing mine curiously. We had some cliched convo about how everyone is somewhere on the Kinsey scale. Then I told her and her boyfriend (who's cool with her being queer) about L World. I gave them the pitch and they were hooked.

Reassuring. I'm having fun.

"Have you had a sexual relationship with a woman before?" the tattooed girl asked me. That initially struck me as way too intrusive a question, but after a minute I decided it was perfectly justified. She wanted to know if my writing would be convincing. If I could relate to her experiences. If I knew firsthand what it felt like to love a woman.

My response: "I went to college in the nineties, what do you think?" 

Stay tuned for an excerpt from L World.

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